They were very friendly and fast. They got the job done in the amount of time they said they would. I was very happy.

I'm very pleased. The ladies are very nice, get along well with the dogs, and do a good job. No complaints.

It was cleaned extremely well.

Great crew and hard working.

I just came home from a long week of work to a wonderfully cleaned apartment! As always, the girls did such an outstanding job. Thank you so much for consistently great work.

You're the best!!!

It is great getting home from work and walking into a spotless house.  My place looked great.  I also appreciate the maids being flexible and getting the keys in and out of the lock box.  My expectations were definitely met.

Absolutely 100% professional, hardworking, diligent and caring. Never had such close attention to all that had to be done.

They did a phenomenal job cleaning our house--I couldn't believe my eyes when I came home! The whole house looked amazing.  I really appreciate all their hard work.


I was very happy and impressed by the work done. Everything was cleaned extremely well and my expectations were exceeded.

Those girls do a great job with my dirty house! I am always so happy to see them!

Just a quick note to let you know that we're really happy with the service your team has provided. We have a toddler and both my husband and myself work downtown- life is crazy, to say the least. We love cleaning days because we get excited to come home and see our clean home...which stays like that for about 2 days :) the crew seems to really care and we're glad we found you all.  Thanks again!

Holy cow!  Those girls are awesome!!!!  They are a wrecking ball of clean.  And they're so fast!

I just wanted to tell you that the team that came this morning did a great job on our house. Thank you!

I am landlord in Texas and you cleaned our unit in Chicago. My neighbor coordinated cleaning. She reported and excellent job and you were right on time for appointment. A rating of 10

We were very happy with everything about the two women who came on Friday. They treated my dogs kindly, were very thorough, and our condo was sparkling when they left

Best maid service in a long time. I'm looking forward to more frequent visits

I called (before receiving this email) to say how excellent they were. Our apartment has never smelled so clean, nor been so clean. They even managed to fold up our hand-towels in a new

I wanted to send this email before I forget----first of all, my cleaning team did a really outstanding job this week and I really appreciate it. Please thank them for me...

THANK YOU!!!! The women were amazing!!!

Great. New people. Love. You are the best. Really…

(sent from iPhone)

On a scale 1 to 10 you get a 10! Place looked great, girls worked quickly and did a great job! Also your billing system makes everything so easy! Thanks again, Jamie!

Was very happy with the service. The girls got in on time, worked hard and finished about 15
minutes later than what was estimated, very impressed!

Kevin G.
Chicago July 2015
Debra M.
Chicago Customer since 2010
Donald L.
Chicago July 2015
Michael M.
Chicago June 2015
Carly P.
Chicago June 2015
Kerry E.
Chicago June 2015
Julia B.
Chicago May 2015
Jessica L.
Evanston Customer since 2014
Craig L.
Lincolnwood May 2015
Monica A.
Chicago May 2015
Maureen C.
Chicago April 2015
Lindsay S.
Chicago Customer since 2014
March 2015
Julia L. Chicago
Regular customer for 3 years
Phillip K.
January 2013
Brett M. Chicago
February 2012
David G. Oak Park
June 2012
Julie N. Chicago
Regular customer
Cristina D. Chicago
Regular biweekly customer
Marissa A. Chicago
September 2012
Jamie A. Evanston
Customer for 6 years
Jamie D. Park Ridge
November 8 2012
Nereida H. Chicago
November 18 2012
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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start the service?

When you call the first time we ask a number of questions to determine your needs. We will discuss what is important to you and help you pick the package that is right for your needs, matches your expectations and also fits your budget. After that we determine the day and time that works best for your schedule. We will fill out your personal Client Sheet with all the information, and will take a credit card number to hold your appointment.

Do I need to be home?

It is always a good idea to be home for the initial visit, so that you can show the cleaners around, point out any specific problem areas, or show what not need to be touched, and at the end-do a walk through with cleaners to ensure the quality. After that more than 90% of our regular recurrent clients prefer to provide us with the copy of the keys to their homes.  You can leave the house and we will call you 30 minutes before the crew is finished, so you could come back home and check on the job.

Do I need to do anything before cleaning?

We ask that you please pick up toys and clutter off the floor and surfaces, empty the sink and load the dishwasher. Email or call the office with any special instructions and let us know ahead of time if there is any remodeling or repair project going on, or if you have guests in the house.  If you have pets please lock them securely in their cages or a spare room or take them to the pet day care. We want to make sure that no pets will escape accidently, try to get close to our supplies or be scared of the vacuum cleaner noise. If your pets had any accidents we will also ask you pick up after them.

What if I need to add anything to my regular cleaning? What if I have construction in my home?

Please keep in mind if there is a construction/repair project going on or if you need to add anything additionally outside of regular cleaning it will take additional time for the crew and will be billed accordingly. It will not be included into your regular flat rate. Just call or email the office with any special instructions so that we could adjust the time and focus of cleaning accordingly.

Does your staff need a parking space? Is it included in price?

Because our staff carries all the supplies they come in their own car or are dropped off at the site. We do require a parking space to be provided for 1 car or cover the cost of parking only if you request a specific team and we mutually agreed on parking arrangements.  If your street is zoned please provide a parking permit for our car each time a crew comes in. We do not allow our staff to take any illegal parking even with clients’ permission.

Do you take clients’ keys? How do secure them?

Most of our regular clients prefer to supply a copy of the keys and alarm code. This insures that no appointments are missed and makes it easier schedule the same team on the same day. Each key is tagged with the number only. There is no information about where it belongs to. We cross reference the tag number with the address in our system. Even in the event if a key gets lost-there is no way for anyone to find out what it opens.  In case we are responsible to losing a key we will offer to re-key your home at our cost immediately.

What if I need to reschedule appointment? Or temporarily stop service?

No problem at all! As long as you tell us by 9AM ON BUSINESS DAY BEFORE your appointment we can make any changes. For Monday cleanings: all changes should be communicated no later than Friday afternoon (12PM). You can skip, reschedule, stop and re-start service. We may need to spend extra time when you skip your regular appointments. The additional fee will apply when we re-start the service after more than 5 weeks break if you were on a recurrent weekly, biweekly or monthly service schedule. Although we do not bill for late cancellations, please keep in mind that our staff gets paid only when they have appointments. And there are other customers who could be serviced if there is an open spot. Thank you for being considerate!

Do I get the same team?

We understand how important for you to know who is coming to your house. Sending someone who is familiar with your home guarantees consistency in service. Whenever you are on a monthly, tri-weekly or “on-call” cleaning schedule we will have to send the team that is available for the time you request. You can request your favorite team or a cleaner and we will try to coordinate with their availability.

For all weekly and biweekly clients we will try our best to keep the same team as long as same people work for our company and you don’t change your schedule.

Will they be coming at the same time?

We try our best to guarantee the same day/same team service for weekly and biweekly clients. Some of our clients are more flexible than others. Please communicate to us if it is crucial for you that our cleaners come at a certain time. Otherwise we can guarantee exact time for the first appointments in the morning (starting between 7AM and 8AM). Any appointment after that time is subject to a 2 hour ETA with a 30 minute advanced call. We will try very hard to come close to the exact time as long as there are no unforeseen circumstances.

How many people usually come?

Our standard team consists of two to four people. We may send bigger teams for larger jobs that require a lot of man hours. All regular recurrent visits are usually scheduled for a two or three people teams. They work fast and efficient, and at the same time your place does not get overcrowded.

Does your staff speak English?

Our staff speaks English on different levels. We do although require all communications to be made through the office, not through your cleaner. The office handles all requests for additional time and tasks, cancellations and changes, as well as any quality concerns.

Are you insured? Bonded? What if something gets damaged or missing?

We are fully insured and bonded. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information about damages policy. Our staff is taught to report anything that happens in your house. If you find something is damaged please report to us immediately (within 48 hrs). If something is missing and you believe it happened during the cleaning-call us immediately.

Do I need to provide any supplies?

You do not need to worry about any supplies or equipment.

We do carry all the supplies and equipment, including mops and microfiber freshly laundered towels. The majority of our cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly Green Seal ® certified and non toxic. If you want us to use your cleaning supplies and a vacuum please let us know. We cannot not take any responsibility on how your cleaning solutions perform on surfaces or if your vacuum cleaners get broken due to regular tear and wear.


How can I pay for services?

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept all forms of payments and all credit cards. There is NO FEE to pay by card. We prefer cash, check, or Quickpay (sent to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) A credit card is required to book your appointment.

How do you determine the price for regular visits?

Our estimates are based on our extensive experience and communication with our clients. There are no homes alike, and everybody’s expectations are different. We do free estimates, based on the information you give us. After the first appointment we determine the flat rate that is a unique amount just for your home and is based on many factors. That not only includes the size, the presence of pets, the regularity, but also every custom detail you want to add (or exclude) in your cleaning! Please call or email to request your FREE estimate now at 773-283-7505!

What if I need something in addition to the regular cleaning?

We require all additional tasks to be made through the office, not through your cleaner. The office has to approve all extra requests and discuss with client any additional fees if applicable. We will take all your information (email is best) and add all requests to cleaner’s instructions. That ensures that there is no miscommunication or misunderstanding between a customer and a cleaner, and helps us monitor our cleaners’ performance.

Is tipping pretty customary? How much should I tip?

A customary tip is like any other service industry: 15-20% of the total bill. Gratuity always makes them feel especially appreciated!

The quality of service will never depend on tipping. Your positive feedback and reviews are greatly appreciated by our staff!

Do you have any specials for regular clients?

Our repeat business is what makes our company growing. And we appreciate our clients A LOT! There are a number of ways how we pamper our clients. For more information, please visit our “Specials” link. Our weekly and biweekly clients receive discounted rates on all additional services as well as FREE ADDITIONAL HOURS of cleaning and FREE ADD ONS through the course of our relationship.

There is also a REFERRAL PROGRAM that gives you CASH for each referral that is coming from you.

If you are a realtor, please check REALTOR’S SPECIAL.

Do I need to sign a contract to become a recurrent client?

We rely on open communication. Our service quality is 100% guaranteed. Please let us know if the service was not up to your expectations and we will make every effort to make sure you are happy! There is no contract that binds to a certain amount of time that you have to use our service. It can be cancelled at any time with a 36 hrs notice.

If you have preferred cleaning products you are more than welcome to provide that to our staff for cleaning. Majority of our clients are organically or naturally living oriented, and they still chose to switch to the products that we use for cleaning after they tried our service.



There may be more questions than we could outline here. Feel free to call or email and ask!

This is also a good source of all possible questions and answers:

Consumer Guide to Hiring Cleaning Service: What Questions to Ask

Please also review our terms and conditions for more information.